Game Boy

Game Boy

With over 118 million sales worldwide, Nintendo's Game Boy changed the face of portable gaming in the 1990s, and is now seen as a defining moment in gaming history. With retro-cool appeal, this is a brand-new gift range inspired by an industry classic, appealing to gamers of all ages.Nintendo is one of the most loved brands on the planet and the Game Boy is one of its biggest and most popular creations. The Game Boy paved the way for what would become Nintendo’s biggest competitive advantage – an incredible gaming experience on a hand held console.

Now the iconic appearance of the Game Boy is displayed in the form of other ingenious handheld gifts – ranging from tin money boxes and heat change mugs through to colour changing glasses and bottle openers. This range of wholesale novelty, retro style, Game Bot inspired gifts make perfect presents for any gamer.

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Game Boy Bottle Opener

A portable bottle opener from the king of portable gaming – never be without this handy little bottle opener inspired by a true gaming classic. Desig..

Game Boy Colour Change Glass

Enjoy retro refreshment while gaming with this Game Boy inspired colour change glass. Simply add a cold drink to see the screen of the classic handhel..

Game Boy Heat Change Mug

Enjoy retro refreshment while gaming with this Game Boy inspired heat change mug. Simply add a hot drink to see the screen of the classic handheld con..

Game Boy Notebook

Enjoy some 8-bit doodling with this retro cool notebook inspired by Nintendo's game-changing portable console – the classic original Game Boy! With i..

Game Boy Tin Money Box

Save up for your next game with the help of this Nintendo Game Boy Tin Money Box. Inspired by the iconic original Game Boy, the money box has a classi..

Game Boy Water Bottle

Enjoy some retro refreshment while gaming with this Nintendo Game Boy Water Bottle. Inspired by the iconic handheld console, the water bottle is desig..